Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Showing off a Moro Landis showgirl costume

Moro Landis was a Vegas based production company formed by George Moro and Ruth Landis, two young Vaudeville dancers. The company was housed in a large building which had rehearsal studios, sewing and set rooms. Everything was made in house, acts were choreographed and costumes such as the two below were designed and made.
Moro Landis dance troupes performed all over the country and were resident dancers at the Sahara and the El Rancho in Las Vegas.

Photo by Bret Salinger

Photo by Bret Salinger

1973 film starring Kim Novak and Tony Curtis 'Third Girl From the Left' apparently featured Moro Landis costumes

The fringing is a little faded but the actual construction has no obvious faults, no rips, tears or breakaways.

The feather boa trim is in good condition

Moro Landis Production label.

Side view

Similar costume on Ebay 2006

I also purchased a Moro Landis show girl costume from a different seller.
It's a two piece black sequined corset with matching ostrich feather and tulle skirt. This one's currently in storage as it's very delicate and faded.

The purple chiffon is faded and a bit dirty but I love the contrast it would have made
The feathers are more of a dull grey than deep black and the sequined appliques are falling off in some sections


  1. Replies
    1. It was $100 including postage which is great considering its condition. From the small amount of information I could find about the production company, the costume is from the 1940s- 1970s

    2. Ruth and George Moro are my grandparents! So neat to see people enjoying these special pieces!

  2. twalk,

    you have incredible grandparents! Sadly I found it quite difficult to find information on them, they sound like amazing, create individuals!
    I recently had a photo shoot in the red costume, I'll post a pic up if there's a good one!