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Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2014 - the view from the judges table

From sitting atop such lofty heights at the judges table, I can safely say that when it comes to a burlesque competition, let me compete any day!
Judging your peers isn't fun- although the Miss Burlesque Tasmania judging criteria that is listed before you makes it easy to be objective- but it's still difficult to hold off clapping and cheering for your favourites and when the music starts there's no where else I'd rather be then backstage with the girls or onstage entertaining the audience!
With a new owner taking the reins of Miss Burlesque Tasmania for 2014 there was a lot of chatter over the possible venue and the location for the competition. All of the competitors bar one were from Hobart, in fact I was the only performer based in Launceston so when the venue was announced there were questions over where to stay, what to transport and who could go.
Each of us received a pin... get outta my way I'm a judge!
Luckily it was resolved and all eight performers made their way to Launceston to converge upon the venue, the Lazy Butterfly.

Our host for the night was Laydee Midnite,  who now owns MBA Tasmania and is the co- owner of Lazy Butterfly and from all accounts ran a tight ship on the night with few delays and only one music mishap.

The judges settled at the table, the audience settled in their sears and Laydee took to the stage, mic in hand to start the show. Miss Burlesque is divided into four sections in the state finals, gown parade, classic, neo and unique

Judges table, L-R- Gen from Vamp, Ruby de Winter, headmistress of Dr Sketchy's Launceston, LSD, Emmi, Kelly Ann Doll, Miss Burlesque NSW 2013
Photo by CezB photography

The gown parade first- most of us grit our teeth through the 30 seconds or so that you're walking out on stage, but the parade provides the audience with an introduction to each competitor.
The stand outs were the girl's who not only ticked the glamour box but also interacted with the crowd, hit their poses and looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Beyonce instagramed this print and faced a storm over the misrepresentation of the state of Tasmania amongst other countries. I like to think that she was just supporting MBA.

The gown parade finished- too soon- I raced back to a spare change room to change and perform, everything was set out waiting for me but of course when in a rush things always go wrong, stockings wouldn't stay up, the wrong gloves were packed... Poor Laydee had to pad for a few more minutes than she expected before I raced in with that drafty feeling that comes with a loose stocking slowly working its way down my thigh...

In my gingham dress by Nasty Ginny, inspired by  a Harpers Bazaar junior ad and of course Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz!

Ceri catches me in a ta-dah moment!

Performing in my red ombre costume by Nasty Ginny
Even better, on the way back, with my white arse bouncing and tasseled pasties twirling I had to run through a packed band room to get back to the second change room- a metal gig was on in the other room. The lucky boys got a free peep show albeit a quick one!

Posing with Kristi of Corsets by Nasty Ginny in front of the collage poster she created featuring me!

Classic and Neo followed and again there were clear favourites for the audience and for the selection criteria- in fact without hearing the results or the score collation we could guess the top five- Grace Cherry, Le Fay, Risquee Jane, Scarlett Jezebel and Velvet Sway.

One of the early posters for MBT 2014

Kelly Ann Doll, Sydney's pocket rocket rocked the stage before the final five emerged to perform in the unique section. Again for the judges I think we found the top three easy to mark, props, costumes, dance move, song choice and general confidence in performing ticked the boxes.

Kelly Ann Doll charging the stage
I ran backstage to my dressing room as the scores were collated and dragged on my sash (backwards) and shoved some pins in to hold the tiara in place. Then I sat back at the table and waited to be called up to help crown the winners... When my name wasn't called and Miss Burlesque Launceston, the first runner up, Grace Cherry had been crowned I stormed the stage in order to help crown the runner up, Le Fay as Miss Burlesque Hobart and Scarlett Jezebel, Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2014.

Miss Burlesque Hobart 2014, Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2013, Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2014
You can check out my journey to Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2013 as a performer in the state and grand finals and you can follow Miss Burlesque Tasmania 2014 Scarlett's blog!

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