Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Big Tease

After much procrastination, hurried editing and a nervous wait, I am excited to be performing 'Take It All' as part of The Big Tease in the Second Annual Australian Burlesque Festival.

The joy I feel comes from the knowledge that I get to perform with women I respect and enjoy spending time with, meet new performers, see interstate and overseas acts, be part of something fantastic and perform on a new stage.

The first Festival had such a welcoming, communal vibe. Spread over four days in Melbourne, the Festival encompassed both newcomers and old (glamorous) hands.
I only managed to catch two nights of the Festival due to Uni exams, attending The Big Tease at Red Bennies and performing at Miss Libertine as a Baby Bombshell so I was overjoyed when I saw that this year, the Festival is touring Sydney, Canberra and Hobart as well as the four nights in Melbourne. 

The Big Tease was inspiring, although due to exams I barely made it, missing the first two acts and drawing some bemused looks from commuters on the St Kilda tram for my low cut, nude coloured gown.
The stand outs for me were Gypsy Wood, Imogen Kelly and Rosy Rabbit, although everyone I spoke to had differing opinions which really, is what it's all about, performers appealing to different people, performing a variety of genres, classic, neo, vaudeville, ethereal, contemporary, balletic but all of them professing a love for burlesque that they communicated from the stage.

Performing as a 'Baby Bombshell' at Miss Libertine was electrifying, fun and friendly.
I had performed with the many of the girls previously and we all shared a tiny space backstage, asphyxiating on hairspray and glitter until one by one (or two) we were led by downstairs by Dolores Daiquiri to await our cue.

Performing my original Peacock routine. These days it doesn't feel right without Scarlett Jezebel challenging my... territory?

 The gorgeous Baby Bombshells of 2010 with producer and emcee, Sapphira.
Poppy Cherry, Lux St Sin, Lucy Sky Diamond, Honey B. Goode, Scarlett Jezebel, Catherine Berruer, Becky Lou
 The Australian Burlesque Festival

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