Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving Snapshots

Kate Burton, a passionate photographer based in Hobart joined Scarlett Jezebel and I as we rehearsed and filmed our acts for the Australian Burlesque Festival in March 2010.

... Peeling to the voice of Marion Cotillard- the angry emotion in Take It All was an instant inspiration to me.

The dispassionate man in the background...

And the fabulous dress in the foreground...
(Proving that the man is actually rather astute- the best christmas present I have ever received)
The peel begins...
Popped a pastie.

His expression finally changed however it was hidden by a heavy frosting of cream pie.

This act was accepted by The Australian Burlesque Festival for the Hobart 'Big Tease' June 3, 2011
Scarlett Jezebel will be performing her Peacock Routine and Hobart based Troupe, 'Miss Kitty's Meow' will be performing a fan dance on the same night.

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