Sunday, June 16, 2013

Australian Burlesque Festival 2013- Bunnies, ponies, native hens oh my!

Oh my! What a tour!
The first showgirl to arrive in Launie was New Zealand performer Bonita Dangerdoll, who really is a doll!
I picked her up from the airport on Tuesday morning, promptly getting lost and driving us in a loop before pulling into the grounds of the Launceston Country club- white palings, ponies grazing on one side, golf greens on the other, ducks, swans and Launceston's abundant roadrunner- like native hens.
We indulged at Nannas, a sweet cafe located in the CBD and then walked to the Gorge where peacocks and wallabies roam freely through native Australian bush.
New Zealand's Bonita Dangerdoll at Nannas

Strawberry Siren arrived the following morning with bountiful amounts of luggage and Bella de Jac and Evie Red touched down during the Tech run.
Evie it turns out has a fear of birds... Something I discovered as she wedged herself into a corner of my car whilst I enlightened her to the native hens running about the Country Club grounds.
Dusk was falling and we were amused to note an excited, hot roller adorned Banbury Cross taking photos of the wallabys that were out in force on the Casino grounds.

Backstage was cramped- 5 showgirls to a room isn't ideal but we made the most of the situation. Adelaide's Luna Eclipse adopted a corner at stage right to watch Game of Thrones while Bonita and I stretched nearby as the audince started arrive.
Bella de Jac, Lucy, Luna Eclipse, Evie Red hamming it up backstage
The show started on time which for a performer is both a blessing and a curse.
I'm so used to shows starting late that I was still getting my hair up when the first act, Hobart's Miss Kitty's Meow, hit the stage.
Oopsy Daisy and Tiger Lilly hurried back to shed themselves of their remaining costumes and don cloaks to be my creepy (only for 4 minutes!) skirt waving minions of the sea.
I'm always so thankful to the girls who help me with my act as waving the skirt gives you a work out!

The stage was a little slippery which prevented me from doing some of the more acrobatic choreography and the audience was rowdier then usual while I was performing which led the emcee, Andrew, to challenge them (Wisteria, I have my eye on you darling!) to a duel.

The best bit about performing in the first set was retiring to the balcony to watch the next two sets.
Stand outs on the night for me were Banbury Cross, Perle Noire and from the audience, three dapper gents and their ladies, seated at a table on the left, who were loving the show, clapping along with huge smiles on their faces! I said hello after the show finished and they told me they had enjoyed every minute...

Photo by Ricky Pfieffer

Some quick happy snaps with Bonita, and Perle Noire, who forgave me for being Sassy when I first saw her at tech and I drove myself home, I had work at 4:45am so I was desperate for sleep.

Post show posing with Tiger Lilly and Bonita Danger Doll
uh... with Bonita and Luna Eclipse

with Perle Noire... I cannot wait to see this lady again in a few months time!!!

I managed a quick brekkie with the Kitty's and Le Fay before they, like the rest of the tour, hit the road for the drive to Hobart.

Huge thanks as always to Rosy Rabbit and Dolores Daiquri for putting on ABF for another year and for bringing it to Launceston, my new home town!

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