Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Perth International Burlesque Festival- Energy high in the city of lights

Photo by John Leonard. Perle Noire and Coco Poppin. Conga line curtain call in the background
 I cannot get enough of Perth. There, I've said it. I am in love with this sprawling, mis- matched metropolis.
Amazing cafes, welcoming, talented denizens- it makes me sad to think that I can't spend every weekend dancing on your stages and eating all your food.
Well most of your food. You can keep the meat and gluten options. I'll have all the coffee!
All the food I couldn't eat at Miss Kitty's Saloon
The Perth International Burlesque Festival is now in its second year and I was pretty chuffed to be returning as the list of performers was impressive.
I flew in on Friday night and was promptly collected by Ben, one of my hosts and DJ at Saturday night's after party at Defectors bar.

with Perrie, Ben and Anne at Defectors
Ben swooped down and picked me up, taking me off to Maylands where I was greeted by Missy, a very old dog and Lady who I had met last year at the first PIBF. Lady showed her love by leading me to her empty bowl, looking up at me and meowing. This didn't stop all weekend long. Whoever said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach never met this cat.

With Lady
 I retired to bed- I know... I disappoint those of you who want debauched tales worthy of pages in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel but it's true, I am the laziest showgirl.

Anne's drawing, Ben's script!

A relaxed start to my Saturday; brekkie and many cups of tea at Chapels on Whatley with my former Hobart housemate Erin, who I hadn't seen in an age! We made hay while the sun shone and reveled in the chance to catch up.
 Then it was all burlesque, all the time until I made it onto my plane on Sunday. I left Maylands and was dropped on King st in time to greet Hobart's Miss Kitty's Meow who had been making envious purchases at Wheels and Dollbaby.

Miss Kitty's Meow ready to go onstage!
No time to join them on a shopping spree, I had a workshop with Perle Noire to get to!
Amongst the crowd upstairs at the King st Arts centre, I found some friends, a familiar face from PIBF 2012, Dollar Dazzler, Nahiid Stevens who distracted me with some bright floral shorts and Virtue Von Tassel who I last met at the opening night of Bohemia, a good year ago!

Working our primary colours!
Having seen Perle on stage, I knew that the workshop would get me moving- but oh, how I moved! It flummoxed my brain and made me re-think my choreography for that night's show, all those bumps, grinds and cobra, cobra, cobra!!
(If you want to know more then you'll have to book yourself in for a workshop, well worth the money, in fact I'll be getting a private when I visit NYC in September!)

Virtue bundled me into her car after the workshop to take me to the Astor theatre in Mount Lawley for tech before I settled in downstairs and rediscovered my camera.
Perle and Indigo being amazing...

What do you call a grouping of showgirls? Renee in pink, Claire, Tamara and Nahiid amongst the blue!

Backstage with my gal Agatha Frisky!

Agatha and Dolores Daiquiri in peach and apricot

Indigo Blue sampling the water...

Tamara one of the gorgeous stage kittens for the night (also one of the chorus gals)

Dolores Daiquiri and Jon Madd watch from side of stage

Indigo Blue twirlin'

Prop or refreshment... with Banbury Cross
Some ceilings are never high enough... The AMAZING samba gals!
Sugarblue Burlesque filmed the entire festival so if you didn't make it to this year's Festival you can watch it on the Sugarblue channel!

We all headed across the road to the after party at Defectors. It was so busy that we were almost turned away! But we made it in and I  was delighted to find that performers from the previous night's shows had stuck around for the weekend, people I rarely get to see because I live on the island... Cherry Lush, Ginger Leah Raye, Venus Vamp, Kerry X got their groove on and danced the night away while gogo dancers and spot performances from Ginger La Minge and Virtue Van Tassel caused a crush towards the tiny stage.

Ready to perfrom my peacock act!
 I was so happy to be accepted into Perth again this year and it was really something to be able to compare it to the first year (2012) and see the calibre of performers and the energy of the audience rise.
To anyone thinking of applying- do it, to anyone considering buying a ticket to the 2014 Festival... bookmark the page, it's worth the wait!!

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