Saturday, July 13, 2013

New York I Love you...

They say the third time's the charm, so what do should be expected on a fourth visit?
I have been to the Big Apple three times, the first as a nine year old where my mum, two brother's and I navigated the cold dark pre- Giuliani streets.
The second time was in 2008, after a stint as a camp counselor in a Pennsylvanian Summer camp.
I spent five glorious weeks living in Harlem, enjoying an Indian summer in Central Park, discovering Angie Pontani, Peekaboo Pointe, Indigo Blue and so many other performers at the Corio's This Is Burlesque and the New York Burlesque Festival.

Statue of Liberty in 2008, rocking my Camp Saginaw appropriate denim shorts!
 My third visit was in 2011, my mum and one of my brother's for four weeks my trips to the New Orleans and New York Burlesque Festival's acting as bookends, defining the beginning and end of a family holiday.

Empire State Building September 2011

Canal street in New Orleans 2011
 My family accept and now champion burlesque but they haven't actually seen what I do... so I got on stage at the Bowery Poetry Club for Dr Sketchys and Geek Girl Burlesque, on the floor at Hotel Chantelle and stage kittened in the NOBF and NYBF while they explored Manhatten in their own way.

Bowery stage
Backstage at the Bowery getting ready for NYC Dr Sketchys!

The artist let me keep this cutie!

Quick photo shoot in NYC with Ron Gejon
Imagine- John Lennon memorial at Central Park on 11/09/11
backstage with Green Carded burlesque Genius, Bettina May

Emcee for the night, World Famous Bob

Bettina May and Dave Bishop- opens the shows and manages with a hand mightier than Gods...
  So I'm pretty chuffed to tell you that I'll be heading back to the Big Apple, for one quick week in September- for when else could I visit!
This time I'll be attending the New York Burlesque Festival as a performer and I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces- not just Americans (and ex Canadians)
 A wealth of Aussies are making their way to the US to perform  Becky Lou for NYBF and NOBF, Ms Strawberry Siren, Agatha Frisky and Becky Page for NOBF but hopping it to New York to watch (and party)
I'll be performing a new Erte inspired act on Sunday night at the Highline ballroom.
A candid moment on stage... Agatha Frisky, Frankie Faux, Luna Eclipse, Danica Lee, Becky Lou, Ms Strawberry Siren and me!

I can't wait to soak up the sun, some food (half a bagel will hurt but it won't harm) check out Chelsea Flea market, straggle into the FatCat jazz club to warm my throat with some Korean liquor and wander Manhatten's streets in the pre traffic rush- dawn light.
I used to imagine it as SATC's character, Carrie's New York, but now I know it can be anyone's New York, even an adventurous tourist from the Apple Isle.

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